• HogTag Collar/ Takeway Design Z Phone mount w/ Hawk clamp

    $64.99 $61.99

    HogTag Collars new Z phone mount w/ Anti-Theft design.  CNC aluminum and Stainless steel design.  360 Degree rotating CNC Ball positioning.

    Hawk clamp will fit up to all 1 1/2 inch round handlebars or other round stock down to .4 inch round stock.  This mount will also fit anything flat for mounting your Phone.  Comes with Anti-slip rubber piece for smaller diameter to provide protection, also comes with Standard Sport Camera knuckle for mounting of your camera.

    Unique feature of the Hawk clamp is the 2 position removable handle.  Handle dual operation design for tightening the Hawk clamp then setting the angle of the Z Phone mount in the lockable position.  After the clamp and mount are set take the handle off and store it. Now the mount is  theft proof.

    Mount holds phone from the lower right hand corner to the upper left hand corner. One hand operation. Once phone is positioned, a lock position tab in the back can be activated to lock the internal Stainless cam lock securing the phone.

    Fits phones 6 1/2 inches long by 4 inches wide.  Corner Cups will fit up to .60 inch thickness, (phone w/ case).  Reducer cups provided for thinner phones.   Feel free to contact us for questions. 

    Picture features a Samsung 10 w/ thin case with corner cup reducers added.