• HogTag Collar / Takeway Designed T2 SidexSide, ATV mount

    $59.99 $47.99

    HogTag Collars new multi-purpose use mount.  CNC aluminum and steel design.  360 Degree rotating head with 90 degree positioning if needed.

    Will fit up to all 2 1/4 inch round bars or other round stock down to ..6 inch round stock.  This mount will also fit anything flat for mounting your sport camera.  Comes  with Cloth pouch, Small phone holder for taking steady photo's. Although these are geared for Side x Sides and ATV units with larger diameter round bar, it can be used off a motorcycle for the Bigger the Better Crew.  Will hold weight up to 8 lbs. making this the ultimate bomb-proof unit.  We at Hogtag Collar run  this mount on any think we can attach it to Round or flat.  Also comes with fold able legs so you can take it off and position it on the ground to get some killer footage for going up the gritty climbs or position it on a tree branch to capture your footage.

    Works well with the 5 inch snake mount accessory as well.  Not part of this unit.